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No more business as usual.

We stand at an event horizon between business as usual and an AI-First future. Laborious, manual, developer-first software, data, and data science solutions will soon be history. Every company in every industry will be affected. The winners will move first and fastest.

Data Catalyst Prizm uses AI-First Solution Engineering to deliver context-aware enterprise-grade software with near-zero flaws, in a fraction of the usual time, at a fraction of the usual cost.

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Data Catalyst ⇌ Prizm

The first platform for makers to bring their ideas to life, swiftly and accurately, using context-aware AI-First Solution Engineering.

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Reduce total lifecycle costs and time to market. Cut complexity, and de-risk development. Iterate, constrained only by the speed of your imagination.

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Get the best of both worlds: marry meticulous NASA-grade model-based engineering with the same adaptability to change as developer-first agile methodology.

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Make your business coherent, legible, and comprehensible to partners, customers, and employees with ontology-centric AI-first domain mapping.

Combining Gartner's two most impactful technologies of the current wave, the semantic layer or knowledge graph, and generative AI, has the potential to deliver revolutionary change. Methods and processes that were previously excluded on price or complexity are democratized, and made affordable to SME or departmental budgets. 

Projects previously too challenging to attempt can now be defined, de-risked, and delivered on time and on budget. Prizm reimagines the trade-off between price and quality, leveraging AI-First development to deliver model-centric mission-critical precision in a fraction of the usual time, at a fraction of the usual cost.

Machine Knowledge

Prizm Graph uses classical statistics, machine learning, and predictive and analytic AI to build a detailed semantic blueprint of a business or project domain.

This AI-First semantic layer encompasses not only machine knowledge of a domain, but also machine understanding, providing essential context within which human and machine agents can operate.

Machine Intelligence

Prizm Generator takes this detailed blueprint of a business domain as input, and uses the latest advances in context-aware Generative AI to synthesize entire software solutions.

Guided and supported by our highly-experienced engineers, this AI-First ontology-centred methodology delivers software of mission-critical quality faster, with fewer surfacing defects, and at reduced cost.


Machine Understanding

Comprising Graph and Generator, Prizm is an end-to-end system, marrying machine speed and machine intelligence to machine understanding.

Prizm equips businesses to survive the existential challenge that the AI explosion presents, to take full advantage of this current wave of technological change, and to profit from the many waves yet to come.

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