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A platform for makers to connect their ideas to hundreds of sources of Smart Data via a single, simple, secure API.

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Reduce total lifecycle costs and time to market. Cut complexity, and de-risk development.

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Personalise your product more precisely, while keeping your customers safe, secure, and in control.

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Unlock the potential of recombinant innovation. Deliver the Internet of Behaviours. Drive new streams of data, traffic, & revenue.

REST or GraphQL: Get all the data you need with minimal queries to simple, secure endpoints.

Implement complex consent journeys quickly, with full compliance, thanks to our cross-platform best-practice SDK.

Take the pain out of connecting your product to dozens of sources of open and personal data, collected with seamless ease and crystal-clear user consent from wearables, IoT sensors, Open Banking, Open Data, APIs, and dozens of other sources, across sectors including finance, mobility, health, wellness, productivity, loyalty cards, the environment, social media, and more.

For Businesses

Remove friction from your digital line of business. Unlock new revenue streams with completely new data-driven products. Combine data across sources, sectors, and silos to create new value.

Deliver on the promise of the Internet of Behaviors (a Gartner Top Strategic Technology for 2021) without compromising customer comfort, safety, or privacy.

For Your Users

Delight your users. Free them from device and manufacturer silos. Give them greater choice and flexibility. Help them derive greater value from devices and services purchased.

Earn and preserve user trust and confidence. Security- and privacy-by-design are at the heart of what Data Catalyst does: crystal-clear controls ensure data is shared transparently, with informed consent.


For Data Controllers

Regulatory compliance is necessarily a tough ask.

Whether your app is a thin client looking to lean on us to inspire user confidence, or whether you want a bare-pipes solution where data are never centralised and belong to you from source to screen, our data storage, transmission, and policies are built to deliver.

Enquiries, questions, investment proposals - whatever's on your mind, we'd love to hear from you.

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